Welcome to the home of the Gauchos! 
El Capitan High School is the newest high school in the City of Merced.  This digital learning environment featuring 1 to web learning opens in August of 2013.

We are dedicated to developing 21st Century Leaders who think critically and demonstrate leadership in both college and career.  We are honored to serve students and families in our school community.       

Common Core
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  • Early Address Verification @ ECHS Front Office: July 28th, July 30th, August 1st, August 4th (7:30am-3:30pm/FRESHMEN & NEW TRANSFERS ONLY)
  • August 5th: Junior Round-up @ 9:00am (Parents Requested)
  • August 5th: Sophomore Round-up @ 1:00pm (Parents Requested)

  • August 6th: Freshman Orientation @ 8:00am (Students Only)

  • August 6th: Freshman Round-up @ 1:00 pm (Parents Required)

Site shortcut: Http://www.ecgauchos.org
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