A general web page for AP US History students to use as a resource and help them succeed and do well in the class and pass the AP Test in May.
American Pageant Student Resource
This is the Wesite for our textbook, The American Pageant.  It includes practice tests, worksheets, a summary of the Chapter etc.  Some of my test questions come from this website!!
History Teacher.netA great site for some practice tests and other history ideas.  Voted best US History Web page in the Nation!!
 DDay PhotosThis site includes some great action pictures from the Normandy invasion on DDay.
Find short video clips from different historical eras at Fresno Historical Society offers a Civil War Re-enactment at Kearney Park October 2 & 3---one of your only chances to earn extra credit~ historical "Got Milk" commercial focuses on a great event in United States history.
This is a site where you can access the lecture notes Mr. Strickland uses to lecture from each Chapter in the American Pageant.....for a small fee.
U.S. History Course Organizers Web PageU.S. History Students can access the various Unit Organizers to help review important concepts for each unit.
Alexander Hamilton  Rap Miranda's rap about the life of Alexander Hamilton.  Entertaining AND historically accurate--  Who'd of thunk it!

Mr. Strickland's U-Tube Channel

Check out good Historical videos on Mr. Strickland's YouTube Channel.  Good stuff!