ISS is intended to provide students and parents an alternative to home suspension. Although students are removed from regular classes, ISS is designed to provide productive study time. Students will receive full credit for assignments completed in ISS and will be allowed makeup tests missed during the ISS. A student assigned to ISS by an administrator, must serve the full number of days assigned. Students assigned to ISS during second period are required to remain in ISS until the end of break. 


ISS Behavioral Requirements: Misbehavior of any type while in ISS will result in a home suspension for that date and the student will be required to serve a day of ISS upon return. Students, who are assigned to ISS, but do not report, may be suspended for defiance.  Any student who arrives late or does not have study materials may be sent home, lose breaks or be assigned additional ISS. This will be considered as an Unexcused absence. Students cannot sign themselves into ISS. The student will serve ISS as assigned beginning on the following school day. Students who are ill need to have their parents/guardians contact the school within 48 hours of illness. ISS will resume as assigned when the student returns to school. A note from the parent, verifying the illness, will be required to excuse the absence.


Class Assignments:  The regular teacher will accept work completed in ISS without penalty to the student upon return to class. Students failing to do the work provided, and/or not returning it to the teacher, will not be allowed further make-up. Students are expected to have the necessary materials (books, pencils, and paper with them when they report to ISS). In the case of conflict regarding dress code, class conduct, or other violations, final decision rests with the an AP.



GVHS offers SAT SCH in-lieu of home suspension for one or more of the following reasons: 1) Failure to serve assigned detentions,  2) Unexcused absences, tardies, or truancies, 3) Other Ed Code infractions.

SAT SCH is from 8:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. 


NOTE:  Failure to serve SAT SCH will result in the student being assigned 5 consecutive days of after school tutorial starting the first day back in attendance from missed Saturday.  Two missed SAT SCHs will result in a 1-day home suspension.


Saturday School Behavior Requirements:  Misbehavior of any type while in SAT SCH may result in the student being removed and being sent home.  This would be considered as a Failure to Serve SAT SCH and will result in additional discipline.  Any student who arrives late or does not have study materials may be sent home or assigned additional consequences.  This may result in the student having SAT SCH reassigned and/or suspension.  Students assigned SAT SCH will be expected to complete curriculum assignments developed for SAT SCH and/or other assignments as directed by the SAT SCH instructors. Students who are ill need to have their parents contact the AP’s office on Monday following the assigned date to reschedule the SAT SCH.  Parents can reschedule SAT SCH assignments one time prior to the date by contacting the AP’s office.