Before a student may participate in any sport, or co-curricular activities, he/she must receive a clearance at the ASB Office (SBO), which requires:

* Academic Eligibility  

* Signed Parent's Permission Form

* Physical Examination (Athletics)

* Proof of Medical Insurance Coverage 

* Residential Eligibility

Co-Curricular Activities:  Those activities or events in which a student actually competes or formally represents the school in a defined manner, such as a band review athletic event, drama production, choir performance, project showing, etc. (Includes student activities and government)


Student Eligibility:  The GVHS athletic and co-curricular activity program is an important aspect of the total educational process.  It is a privilege to represent GVHS in these activities.  In order to participate, students must be responsible for maintaining their eligibility.  Ineligible students may practice but not travel or perform with the team/

organization. All students participating in school-sponsored co-curricular activities must attend GVHS and maintain a 2.0 grade point average with no more than one failing grade.  Semester grades will take precedent over 2nd  and 4th  quarter grades in determining eligibility. Students who become ineligible at the end of the 2nd semester shall not participate in school-sponsored co-curricular activities during the first grading period of the following year.  A student ineligible due to failing grades can become eligible by attending summer school and passing classes comparable to the classes failed.


Attendance:  Students are required to be in regular attendance on the day of any competition or event to insure eligibility to participate. Participants must attend school all periods on the day of the activity or participating is prohibited.  Medical appointments and/or approval of the principal are the only exceptions to this rule.


Code of Conduct:  Students participating in any co-curricular activities must comply with all athletic, campus, and district policies or could be declared ineligible for these activities. All rules and regulations set forth by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and its subordinate bodies will be in force as minimum requirements.  A student who commits a serious offense shall immediately become ineligible to represent the school in co-curricular activities for a minimum of nine weeks.  These offenses include, but are not limited to: 1) weapon possession,

2) possession of explosives, 3) drug-related violations, 4) causing/attempting to cause physical injury to anyone, 5) robbery and/or extortion.  

Note: If an athlete tries out for a sport and finds he/she does not have the ability or wishes to change to another sport, he/she must get permission to be released by the coach of the first sport before he/she can take part in another sport during that particular season.  Once an athlete is released, he/she is not allowed to go back to the sport from which he/she transferred unless there is a mutual agreement between the coaches involved.  Students are financially responsible for all equipment issued to them. Equipment must be returned at the end of the season or the student will be charged a replacement cost.


Student Activities and Graduation Ceremony:  School activities are a privilege, not a right. Students declared ineligible for co-curricular activities due to truancy, excess absences, or home suspension may be denied participation in any and all activities. Seniors suspended during the last 5 days of school for any reason can be denied the right to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.


Dance Activity Rules:  If you are on obligation you will not be permitted to purchase a dance ticket, or be a guest.  Each student must have both a dance ticket and a student ID card in order to gain admittance to all school dances.  All guests must be accompanied by their host, have a ticket, guest pass and photo ID to be admitted to a dance.  Guest passes must be cleared by the Associate Principals' office prior to purchasing a ticket.  We do require that guests be of at least high school age (no Junior High students). A minor student bringing a non-student guest over 18 years of age is required to have a parent signature on the guest pass signifying the parent's approval of their guest.  No guests over age 20 years of age will be allowed. Students are required to remain inside the dance.  Students who leave early will not be re-admitted.  Anyone in possession of, under the influence of, or who attends having consumed alcohol or drugs will be removed from the dance and subject to suspension and possible expulsion from school. Inappropriate dancing styles will not be tolerated and may result in the removal of the student/guest or the termination of the dance.


Poster Rules:

ü  All posters must bear the ASB APPROVED stamp and signature of the Activity Director and/or staff.

ü  Each poster must include the name of the sponsoring organization.

ü  All posters must be related to school activities and events and in good taste.

ü  Posters can only be placed in classrooms with permission of the instructor.

ü  Use only blue masking tape when hanging posters.

ü  Do not hang posters on any tile surface.

ü  Do not climb up on any school buildings to hang posters.

ü  Posters are to be removed after school on the day of the activity or event.