Students may not be absent from school without a valid excuse.  Consequences for truancy are to be firm and clear to students and parents/guardians.  These steps will be followed when a student is absent from school without a valid excuse or is tardy in excess of 30 minutes.  Additional interventions include School Attendance Review Team (SART), School Resource Officer (SRO) and School Attendance Review Board (SARB).


MUHSD Steps to School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

Step 1    School Counseling and Intervention

                with attendance liaison.

Step 2    School Counseling and Intervention              

                with AP and counselor.

Step 3    Referral to SART at school-site.

Step 4    Referral to SRO at school-site.

Step 5    Referral to SARB at district level.

Step 6    School may refer student to Alternative Education and SARB. May refer parent to DA Office.


Transfer to Alternative Education: Students accumulating 20 days of suspension, all-day ISS and/or Saturday School may be subject to an involuntary transfer to an alternative educational program.


Referrals to the Associate Principal (AP): When a student receives a pass from an AP, or when the teacher sends a student to an AP, that student is expected to come to the AP office at once. The student is to stay in the office until the AP has seen him or until the secretary gives the student a pass back to class.  Any student who has received a pass/call slip to report to the AP Office, but does not report to the AP’s office or was sent by a staff member, or who reports to the office but leaves without permission, will be considered to be in defiance of the valid authority of school officials and will face additional discipline.  Violation of this policy will result in the following:


1st Offense: Immediate two-day suspension and parent contact.

2nd Offense: Immediate 3-5 day suspension and parent contact. Student may be referred to an alternative educational program

Corridor/Bathroom Passes: A student who wants to go to the library, restroom, etc. during class time must obtain a pass from his/her teacher.  Passes must remain visible while outside of class.  Students who do not have passes from their teachers will be escorted back to class by safety liaisons.


Excessive Display of Affection:  Students are not permitted to engage in excessive displays of affection, which includes long body to body contact, long kisses or displays that may cause concern from parents, staff, or other students. Parents notified on second  offense. (Defiance)


Cell Phones, I-Pods, MP3s, Water Toys:  All electronic devices, implements of graffiti including but not limited to marking pens, spray paint, paint tips, water toys including but not limited to squirt guns and water balloons, and any other items with no educational purpose or value at school may not be used on campus during the school day. (48901.5 E.C.) Violators will be subject to having these items confiscated.

Note: No student shall possess, place, keep, or maintain any article or material that is prohibited by law or District Policy in lockers, vehicles, desks, bags, or other items assigned to them or under their control while on District property or at a District-sponsored event. Parent/guardian pick up required. 


GVHS is not responsible for any stolen, lost, or confiscated items. Please do not bring valuable items to school.


1st Offense:  Warning/Confiscate item. Student picks up item at end of school day. Valid ID required for pick-up.

2nd Offense: Confiscate item. Parent pick up required. Valid ID card required for pick-up.

3rd Offense: Confiscate item. Saturday School assigned.  Parent pick up required.

4th Offense: Confiscate item. Parent conference required for pick-up.

5th Offense: Confiscate item. May receive home suspension. Parent pick-up required.


Classroom Disruption: Students who are a continuous disruption in a classroom may be withdrawn from that class with an "F" grade for the semester. Students who are dropped from more than one class for disciplinary reasons may be referred to an alternative educational program