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Contact Information

Phone- 209-358-2948 (direct line)

Fax- 209-358-1093

Mail- 1617 Main Street, Livingston, CA 95334

E-mail- tdoyle@muhsd.k12.ca.us

The Staff

The librarian is Anthony Doyle. He has been at LHS since the 1997-98 school year. He has worked in the district since 1990, starting as a Spanish teacher at Merced High School. He has a BA in Spanish from the University of Texas at Austin, a Masters degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University, and holds teaching credentials in math, Spanish, and library media services. He is the public address announcer for the LHS boys varsity basketball team because he loves the game and it gets him out of chaperoning dances. He is a member of many subversive organizations, including the American Library Association, the American Association of School Librarians, the Young Adult Library Services Association, the California School Library Association, the National Education Association, and the California Teachers" Association. An excellent web page designer and a great cook, Mr. Doyle is a legend in his own mind.

Mrs. Snyder is the Library Media Technician. She has worked in high school libraries for many years, starting at Golden Valley High School. She was spirited away from there in a midnight raid in 2010 and has been held prisoner at LHS since then. She is the textbook tsar at LHS, supervising their ordering, distribution, and collection. With excellent people skills, computer knowledge, and a love of reading she is a true triple threat.

Mr. Doyle and Mrs. Snyder are assisted by several smart, good looking, reliable student library assistants who maintain a constant vigil over the library resources.

The Building

The LHS library is located in the middle of the campus, occupying the 800 building. The library can seat approximately 70 people at tables and another 70 at computers if both labs are used. The building covers approximately 4,250 square feet, including the server/textbook/periodical room, the 802 computer lab, a small workroom, and a closet that serves as a librarian"s office. Renovations done during the summer of 2001 added windows and a door between the 802 lab and the main room and windows between the office and library. Summer 2002 brought new carpet to the library. In the spring of 2003 LHS won a grant from the American Association of School Librarians and 3M Corporation for a new security gate. It was installed in September 2003. During the winter of 2003-2004 a new circulation desk, new shelving, and new tables and chairs were added. In November of 2008 Merced Union High School District voters passed a bond issue that, among other things, will double the size of the library and modernize the facilities. Unfortunately the architects rejected Mr. Doyle"s request to include a disco ball, an indoor tree house, and an espresso bar. But the new library will have windows to let in natural light so at least Mr. Doyle won"t look quite so pastey.

Books and periodicals

The collection contains just over 10,000 volumes which includes approximately 600 titles in Spanish and 200 in Punjabi. The average publication date of books here is 1992, up from 1972 in 1999. While the improvement in collection age is remarkable the average book is still older than average LHS student. Interlibrary loans are available to students of the four other comprehensive high schools in the Merced Union High School District (Merced, Golden Valley, Atwater, and Buhach Colony). See your site library staff for details. We have on-line subscriptions to SIRS Knowledge Source, eLibrary, Gale"s Opposing View Points and Student Resource Center Bronze, and World Book Encyclopedia. The library partners with the English and Special Education departments in administering the Accelerated Reader program. During the 2007-2008 school year we upgraded to Renaissance Place. We now have access to all AR quizzes and our collection includes approximately 4,700 AR books. The collection is fully automated. In 2008 the Merced Union High School District switched all of its schools to Follett"s web-based Destiny system. Students now have access to all of the schools" catalogs from any Internet computer and can view their personal information at any time. The schools also have access to WebPath Express, TitlePeek, and Textbook Manager.


Hardware and Software

The library houses 2 full computer labs with 35 work stations each. The first lab was set up in 1997-98 and occupies space that formerly housed textbooks and periodical back issues. It includes 2 networked laser printers and a shared scanner. The teacher station is equipped with LANSchool broadcasting and monitoring software. The second lab, room 802, opened in the fall of 2001. The room originally housed the career center but has been used as the Student Body Office for the past 20 years. It is also equipped with 2 laser printers and LANSchool software. Most of the computers in the library were replaced in 2007. The library also houses a mobile laptop lab with 40 computers in two carts. The carts have wirless access points and laser printers. Aditional laptops are available for overnight checkout. The library also checksout AlphaSmart word processors, digital and video cameras, and USB flash drives.


All of the school"s computers run Windows XP and are connected to a Windows Server 2003 network with high speed switches. The Main Distribution Frame is located in the library"s server room, and connects all of the school"s buildings through fiber-optic cable and Cat5/6 wiring. There are IDFs located in various locations throughout the campus. Most of the networking hardware was purchased with E-Rate funding. The school is connected to the district WAN through a high speed link (equivalent to a T3 line). The district office serves as the schools" ISP with high speed connection to the Internet.

Copyright Statement

The LHS Library staff strongly supports intellectual property rights and U.S. and international copyright law. Digital technology makes violating copyright extremely easy. The equipment provided by the library is intended to be used in accordance with those laws to support the academic achievement of students and to enrich the learning environment. This includes, but is not limited to, the photocopier, scanner, computers, and video equipment. Students and staff should read and understand the copyright warnings posted on the copier and scanner before using the equipment. If you are in doubt about whether an activity violates the law please see Mr. Doyle or visit one of the sites below.

United States Copyright Office Web page at Http://www.loc.gov/copyright

Ten Copyright Myths Http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths.html

Stanford University"s Fair Use Web site Http://fairuse.stanford.edu